1993 or no contact with keyboards and recording studios, out of boredom and the passion for electronic music, he bought a Korg 01 / W, then it became more and more instruments and it gradually came into a small studio.

1993 all started with a newcomer competition in Bayreuth at the Wolfgang Kaiser has participated and came in the top 10, then still "Mr.Emperor"
1994 First major appearance on the GOA Rave Eltmann.
1996 First release on Corrosive Records with the live - classic "Out of Control"

Later highlights include appearances at the legendary Disco Airport in Frankfurt the "Dorian Grey"
followed that appearance with Paul van Dyk in Portugal.
Freedom Hall in the courtyard in front of more than 3,000 ravers,Among other performances in Leipzig, Zwickau, Karlsruhe, Kiel, Bayreuth, Mödlereuth, Kulmbach, Marktredwitz.emperor



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