TITUS Aust , began already in his early childhood , to care for the music. On the domestic piano he tried pretty soon, to create their own melodies and play simple pieces . At seven, he began his classical piano training at the Rheinische Music School in Cologne. He later attended the musical branch of the grammar school , where he learned the necessary knowledge for music and was able to improve his piano playing .
Since he has always been - musically speaking - had his own mind, he wanted to own something on the legs and began to compose all the pieces for the piano. Besides, he was very interested in electronic music, especially for the style Trance.1997 - 1998 he started with a PC , a simple keyboard and simple software his own trance - to produce tracks that later from time to time in a dance school played were . In 1999, he was the quality of his home - improving productions and had first contact with other artists with whom he also was in the studio (eg Ravers Nature ) . 2000-2001 he began his first Dj - Equipment compile and start DJing . This was followed by his first gigs in local clubs ( Pylon Club , Contrast club), in a theater production of Enda Walsh ( "disco pigs" ) , appearances on radio stations Hofer HO * T FM and on several events in the region. In addition, he also got his own show on Entire -radio , ( "entire - XTC "), where he continued his Mixkünste and productions of the world will present konnte.2009_5 He had his first major gig in July 2001 Love Parade -opening party in Berlin. Together with other DJs such as Bjonik or jetlag he rocked the nearly 10,000 people on the Breitscheidplatz before the Memorial Church.
In the summer of 2001 he was able to set up his first small studio on the premises of Entire radio, where then shortly after his first release was produced . At the same time he met Ray Burton of toxic records know . Ray invited him into the studio and he was immediately convinced of his talent , the tracks from mixed again and then published in January 2002, his first album " Sleeping in Light " . In the same year, then followed several gigs , such as on the " Tanzburg " in Lichtenberg , the " Sleeping in Light " had a motto as well as its official anthem track. In 2002 he met the Augsburg Dj Hifonic aka Oliver Rissler know . Both quickly realized that they have the same taste in music and then immediately began his own project to launch : " Hibeatz " . Even after a short period of cooperation , the first club orientated track "clap your hands" , published on the toxic records in April 2003 and has been licensed for HARD CLUB vol.1 by TUNNEL RECORDS was born. In June 2003, published toxic then the second disc of TITUS : "endless dreams" , where also a remix of Ray Burton and a revised version of " Sleeping in Light " was to be found . DJ@WORK (CH), STREET PARADE LIVE (CH), BITTE">This number turned out to be Floorburner to seven weeks could long hold No. 1 on the Swiss DJ Charts , was on 5 Compilations ( TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE 26, DJ NETWORK 19, DJ @ WORK (CH ) STREET PARADE LIVE ( CH) , PLEASE ON BEAT ( NL) ) and months represented in the German DJ playlist. In October 2003, he put then together with several well-known Swiss Djs on (eg Dj Subsonic ) on the organized DANCE CITY FUN WEEK in Lloret de Mar in Spain. In addition to numerous parties and gigs at the local clubs interviews were made which were sent to StarTV in Switzerland. TITUS produced since then for other artists (such as Subsonic , TP ONE or Marc Mally ) . He also works with TOXIC - RECORDS - owner Ray Burton in a community project , " RAY BURTON FEAT. TITUS "from the already the first discs emerged : " Krass " (10/ 03) and " THE MELODY " (02 /04) , both of which were to be found several weeks at number 1 of the Swiss DJ Charts and licensed on numerous couplings were . In 2004, we worked hard on new projects and tracks such as, for example, the slice of Swiss DJ's TP ONE - "THE JOURNEY " , which was produced by TITUS . She found very well received in the summer parades and was often played in the Swiss clubs. Also his joint project with DJ HIFONIC ( Hibeatz ) should not be neglected , whereupon a new more suitable for clubs Hardtrance track has arisen with hands-up - Warranty: " BACK ON TRACK" ! ! (05 /04) between the regular productions were made remixes for other artists , such as . of " MODERN ART " ( Ray & Titus ) , " DJ DREADY2 " (Original Mix ) " DJ Sadock " (Titus ) in time for the Street Parade was the first single from TITUS and SUBSONIC - " RISING HIGH " on TURNING- WHEEL RECORDS (CH) published. This was followed by numerous licenses for compilations, such as TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE or DJ NETWORX . Even after Japan, the track was licensed . In summer 2004, together with RAY TITUS produced the next anthem for TOXIC RECORDS , which was released in October 04 : TOXIC - UNITED ARTISTS - " 8 YEARS , 25 TIMES " ! ( Part 1 & Part 2) Each TOXIC - artists contributed to this with his remix. In time for the release of the new TOXIC - disc could Hibeatz on the BLUE NIGHT in Naila first make their live skills to the test ! With their sweaty set they rocked the crowd to ecstasy , then took over DJ DEAN ( TUNNEL RECORDS ) the party-goers crowd .
2009_4Der new Hibeatz - Track " KEEP ON ROCKIN ' " was also completed and is now waiting in the wings . TITUS was also traveling along with the other TOXIC Artists on numerous gigs at home and abroad , as well as eg BETROIT -CLUB ( Oensingen , CH ) , ESCAPE CLUB, ( Liestal, Switzerland), STREET PARADE ( Zurich , CH ) , TIME TRAVELLER -NIGHT ( Augsburg, Germany), Radio X - "Trance - Express" (Basel , CH ) , BLUE NIGHT ( Naila , Germany) , WATCH IN LOVE ( Oberhausen , Germany) ... etc. TITUS also produced the new single by MIKE CAIN - " FAR AWAY " , a vocal trance number with club feeling . The track wurdenim spring of 2005 BE52 - RECORDS published. In May 2005, his second solo single "ALL HER FEARS " now appeared with a remix by DJ DEAN from Hamburg. The single led eight weeks to the Swiss DJ Charts and placed in the top 10 sales , dealer , trance , IMC TOPS and a bullet in the DDC Charts . An unprecedented success for him. In August 2005, his single was released again as Maxi - CD and Vinyl Picture on Media Records Germany .
In November 2005, his third single was released along with Ray Burton on Media Records / ZYX Music with the name " BaRock me" . She was a good mix of club -heavy Beatz and Baroque elements . The single was for 6 weeks at # 1 on the Swiss DJ Charts and has been licensed to numerous couplings. Even the renowned magazine "Rave Line" wrote a Recession:
" Two DJs have an opinion? Not quite . Ray Burton and Titus have done the impossible and their common idea mixed in four different styles and thus serve pretty much every dance floor. Although the tech-house mix of " BaRock Me" is probably the best -functioning , the Progressive , Club and Trance mix are by no means to be despised . Just the use of Baroque music elements, it is worth better to throw on this disc an eye or an ear . "
And was awarded four out of six stars . In November, he has also remixed with Ray , among others, the first single from Eric SSL Funky Drummer . The remix was then played as a radio edit on Sunshine -Live in the daily rotation. Michel Moriny vs . TP One - Hard Stuff was of him and Ray under the name " C.Reiss vs . baZZmorph " remixed that went well in the Swiss DJ charts in the Top 20 . But Pedro Ferrari `s first solo single," Way of Love " he has made yet finished with Pedro and Ray and will be published in March 2006. Parallel to this work, he has also tinkered with his friend Hifonic on new Hibeatz tracks. It came tracks like " Keep on Rockin ", "Time Will Tell " and " Trouble" out , which will be published together as an EP in the spring of 2006. Live are the two Wore go , for example, rocked both the Escape Club near Basel or the Mad Club in Egerkingen / Switzerland .
After the constant demand for his first big hit "Endless Dreams " came from which only 500 pieces limitierete picture vinyl on the market , not demolition , located Toxic Records and Titus has decided to get a 2006 version of his hit to bring onto the market . In July 2006, she then appeared on the market . Of course, the original mix from 2003 was included again.
The disc went straight after publication at the top of the Swiss Charts and maintained for 8 weeks # 1 for himself . A large number of couples have included the track , including Tunnel Trance Force Vol 37 (+ South Africa Edition) , Trance Voices 2006/3 , 2006 Trance , Deep Trance , Trance Top 100 , Hard Trance Session , and much more. The track was also in many German and European charts in the Top50 .
Despite the success , he participated in various events and produced along with Ray Burton parallel on new tracks . Out came the fourth single of the two with the name " Secrets." Unmistakably one track of the two, but not a poor imitation of the past release. They avoid intentionally to rest on the laurels of the previous previous successes and fiddle for a long time on new, unused sounds and beats . And this time, the effort has been worthwhile. In December, the number was released and shot in the second week in the top 10 in the Swiss charts , without a single sampling was carried out . Various couplings ran not long in coming , such as Hit Mix Vol.7 , Deep Trance Vol.8 , iNtrance Vol.2 . His work as a producer of Hibeatz he not neglected . Among other things, the release came " Tox039 Back in Town " and " Tox043 Bitches n money" out or even remixes of Michel Moriny and Shaker style . Since Titus is a very versatile producer and also can not escape the electro house , he produced under the pseudonym " Rick Slater " remixes for well-known artists. Together with Ray , he produced in 2008 his fifth single, which will also carry the same name - "The 5th " . Relased it is only the beginning of 2009 but it connects seamlessly with the sound so familiar to him. As he and Ray are also in demand remixer , also remixes for Andy Hawk, Lisaya were vs . Peterson, Dj Space Raven and various other made ​​.
Together with DJ Space Raven he produced the track "Contact by Sunlight" , which on Media / Zyx appeared as the last release in 2007. 2008, it was again time for a separate release for all fans of Titus and he did not disappoint . An EP with 4 new tracks was the result. The tracks were re- stalk in his typical trance and quickly found space on various couplings and in the playlists of many radio stations. After so many years and productions, Titus took a break for the year 2008.

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