The Gathering - Daylight Tox080_11



After the single "Lost spring", we can now introduce the latest single of the project.
The Gathering is back with "Daylight". The project of DJ Vega and his colleagues shows once again how it goes. Fats hooks and tranceige beats bribe the sound. Distinctive successor of the first single and we hope it will follow some.
The two remixes on this track need to hide and no way deserve to be called as well. I want to begin one of the DJ Vega's Houston skyline remix that comes a bit harder than the original mix but in the middle part includes a beautiful patch.
Secondly, the remix of Deerage. Very delicate but always present, this mix is grooving in the legs.



  Original Mix
  DJ Vega's Houston skyline Remix
   Deerage Remix



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